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Do The Right Things
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Do The Right Things
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Do The Right Things
A Tried-and-true plan that works

A proven scientific approach for weight loss that doesn't require trendy fad diets or wasted time in the gym.

Is being overweight taking a toll and destroying your life? Have you tried every diet and lost hope because none of it worked for you? And you feel destined to a lifetime of low confidence and health issues? Then what you're about to read next will be some of the most exciting news you will ever hear about. . .

I'm Alex Martin, the founder of Progress Through Change. I use proven scientific methods that have a track-record of successful weight loss WITHOUT overtraining or restrictive diets. It comes down to easy habitual changes that will 'reprogram your mind' and transform your overall life, forever!

When you have a coach that knows how to get results, you get the results you expect.

My journey from the 'fat-kid' to a competitive physique champion

My Transformation From "Fat Kid" To Physique Champion

Growing up, I was always the fat kid. It reached the point where I was standing at 5'6", 200 pounds, with 30% body fat. I was feeling and looking the worst I ever had before. I felt ashamed and knew something had to change.

I dove deep into research, spending hours every night reading, listening, and absorbing all of the credible science on resistance training and body transformations that I could. I quickly learned that everything I was being told about fitness was a lie. My approach was off. Form was shit. Diet was poor. Four hours of sleep a night. I was being driven by negative emotions and ego that took me nowhere.

As I began to lose weight and gain more muscle, I started respecting myself more. I started looking better in the mirror and that made me feel more confident in myself. Looking back, my life has completely changed after learning the real way to get fit.

Now, as a 7-year certified personal trainer, I dedicate my life to sharing what I learned and helping my clients lose weight so they can become a healthier and happier versions of themselves.

A small sample of what we'll cover together in your free session

How to lose weight without long hours in the gym.
The truth is that if you're trying to commit to long hours in the gym straight out the gate, that habit will not stick.

You need to supplement things, right. . .?
Wrong! Supplements are used to get something you're not getting enough of. Unless that's you, they're not necessary.

Why you should never 'Ban' foods when losing weight.
Limiting the consumption of unhealthy foods is going to be your best bet for long-term weight loss success.

4 Ways to start burning fat (trackable and quick results).
These four tactics are the foundation of all my client's fat buring success. And guess what? They're EASY to do!

How to eliminate cravings and take control of your diet.
I'll show you how to reprogram your mind to make it easy to drop your cravings for unhealthy food choices.

Stop wasting your time, money, and effort on weight-loss bandaid fixes

Feel like you can't lose weight no matter what? Or if you are able to lose a few pounds do you just put it all back on afterwards? It's not your fault. It's because the weight-loss industry is full of short-term solutions and diet pills that don't work. They take your money and set you up to fail again and again.

Clinical trial studies have proven that you need to reverse-engineer your brain and change your daily habits to see lasting results. Not crazy gym routines or exhausting boot camps. No restrictive diets or the latest juice diet. Just simple healthy habits that create a healthy lifestyle.

Do The Right Things
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
No Complex Training Regimen
No More unrealistic Fad Diets
Tested by 700+ People
Do The Right Things
7+ Years of training experience
Do The Right Things
Finally have a plan that will work

How to rewire your brain to make eating a healthy diet effortless and enjoyable.

Do you have a problem with over eating? Or find it hard to kick junk food habits and stick to a healthy diet? You could just be falling victim to a bad habit. When you've been doing something for your whole life, it becomes an unconscious action.

This is one of the key reasons people find it hard to lose weight. You'll need to 'rewire your brain' and kick these old habits to the curb to make lasting progress. You may be thinking that this sounds hard, however, it becomes AUTOMATIC when you follow the simple steps of my coaching program.

Meet travis, He lost over 175 pounds, has more confidence, and loves the way he looks . . . as he should!

Lose your first 10 Pounds - even if nothing has worked before.

If you think this sounds too good to be true or that it won't work for you because everything else has failed before - I don't blame you. You've been sold the weight-loss lie for decades now.

Don't let anyone rob you of your right to be healthy! I guarantee you will lose weight and change your life with Progress Through Change, in the first 90-days. You can finally feel proud of yourself, attractive, and confident again when you see your body change in front of your eyes!

Here's how it works

Transform your body and lose your first 10-Pounds in 3 steps

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1. Claim your no-obligation strategy session

Claim your free session - we'll discuss your situation and reveal how you can finally lose weight and improve your health without prescriptive diets or strenuous gym routines.

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2. Reprogram your unhealthy habits with ease

I will design your program, find your individual mental cues and unwanted habits - then help you break and replace them with healthy lifestyle choices that will make your weight loss easy.

3. Lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life!

Simply follow the plan and the weight will fall off steadily, week after week - you'll feel focused, energized, and feel a new-found sense of confidence with your new body!

Claim your free zero-obligation strategy session today and lose your first 10-pounds

WARNING: This is not a sales call. You'll be speaking with me to get a strategy on how you can start losing weight so that you see and feel the change that weight loss will have in your life.

If you're not serious about losing weight and committing to a plan that is guaranteed to work, please do not waste my time by booking a call. But if you are sick of not liking the way you look in the mirror and sick of not feeling your best, we can figure this out together. Let's progress through change!

How to overcome years of stress, embarrassment and frustration from failed diets WITHOUT having to spend thousands on meal plans, personal training, or "pricey" pills and powders. . .

How to go from hopeless, depress, and overweight to happy, healthy, and confident in as little as 4 weeks (reclaim your life, regain your energy, and sustain your health!)

The real reason for "yo-yo" dieting... why you always seem to gain the weight back quicker leaving you less healthy and crushing your confidence... and the simple method to 'lose weight for life' that helps you automatically (and easily) lose and manage your weight

How to switch the "hungry switch" into the OFF position so you never get the desire to binge and devour everything in sight. (You gain control over your emotions without giving up the things you love. . .)

The scientifically PROVEN method within Progress Through Change that makes weight loss guaranteed and AUTOMATIC. (You'll never be forced to rely on your willpower alone once the wheels are set in motion!)

Thank you! I will be getting in touch with you soon.
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