You’re Only As Good As..

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You’re Only As Good As..

My clients have heard me say this before…

You’re only as good as what you can recover from

Let me explain! When you’re shooting to lose body fat, you should be in a caloric deficit (if you aren’t, you aren’t losing, simple as that). Something we have to keep in mind is that a calorie is a unit of measurement for energy. This means, when you’re dieting, you have less external energy coming in, so your body relies on fat storage (or lean tissue if you’re missing the mark) for energy sources. Thus, burning fat. 

However, this also means your body has less external resources (calories) available for recovery. This is a key component to keep in mind.. If you can’t recover from exercise, or even general daily life stresses on your body, you inhibit your body from making the changes you want it to make.  Many people assume that when it comes to fat loss, harder is better. They think they can do double the work in half the time if they starve themselves and “go hard.”

This approach is futile, as exercise is perceived as stress by your body, and an inability to recover from that stress WILL NOT lead to the results you want. It will lead to fatigue, light-headiness, sickness, and frustration. Keep this email in mind the next time you attempt to “improve” your body with minimal food and maximal stress..

Key Points

  • Prioritize Recovery
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