Why You Always Fall Off

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Most individuals looking to start their health and wellness journey typically find themselves in this sort of limbo..

A few days of dieting, followed by an okay day, a crappy day, then a “I’ll just start up on Monday” mentality ensues.. Chances are, you know (or maybe you are) someone who has repeated this cycle time and time again. It’s really draining to know that sometimes you’re motivated and the effort is there, but for some reason, it isn’t sticking around. I could sit here and say “Motivation ain’t shit!” and “You’ve got to be disciplined!” Those two things are true, but there’s something sinking a bit deeper than that here..

It is a lack of proper, realistic goal setting.

When you have nothing to strive towards, well, it gets boring. Boring, and it begins to feel like a whole lot of effort for a whole lot of “meh” feelings. No matter how you break down your goals, weekly, monthly, whatever it may be, it needs to be something on your horizon that you know you can make incremental progress towards.

Want to lose 10 lbs? Great, your goal is a pound per week.

If you were to make that goal 10 lbs in a week, that’d be absolutely ridiculous. How can you expect yourself to make such a drastic change so quickly? How can you assume that’s going to be sustainable? It’s unrealistic and unfair to yourself, leaving a sense of inadequacy and disappointment. I’m a big proponent of having smaller, incremental goals AND larger “big picture” goals. This keeps things interesting, as having the smaller goals make it easier to feel as if you’re making tangible progress, while the bigger, scarier goal floats in the back of your mind to hold you accountable.

All of my most successful client transformations have been individuals who are goal oriented and always have something to strive for!

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