Why The Scale “Lies” About Your Weight

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Why The Scale “Lies” About Your Weight

The place I see people get most frustrated in their fitness journey is BY FAR the scale. Let’s keep in mind, the scale is just a tool in our arsenal as a means to track progression in body weight.  For whatever reason, as humans, we love to identify ourselves as this number and obsess over it. With improper usage, you can seriously throw yourself through a loop of frustration. 

I’ve seen people give up too many damn times just due to that number.

While the scale isn’t my favorite measure of progression, It’s utility is unmatched when properly used and coupled with a positive, patient mentality!

Here’s how you should use the scale:

  1. Weigh-in on a set schedule (either 7 days per week or M,W,F)
  2. BE SURE these weigh-ins are on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, after going to the bathroom (for women, be sure to note your menstrual cycle, as it effects weigh-ins)
  3. Take your weekly or M,W,F average, this is your “official” weigh-in
  4. Evaluate and adjust calories and training protocol as needed

This is to make weigh-ins as accurate and consistent as possible, in order to account for things like sodium, water weight, etc. which can cause SERIOUS weight fluctuation. I made a post several years ago about this, in which I went through an entirely normal day and weighed myself at various times. . .

  1. 10/18/16: 6:48pm, 164.6
  2. 10/18/16: 7:42pm, 166.4
  3. 10/19/16: 4:25am, 160.2

That’s a 6lb, or 4% of my entire body weight fluctuation, in a matter of 12 hours! You could imagine how incredibly frustrating that would be for an individual who isn’t aware of our weigh-in guidelines..

Key Points

  • Weigh-in on a set schedule
  • Weigh-in after using bathroom in the morning
  • Weigh-in on an empty stomach
  • Evaluate and adjust calories & training
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