This Practically Cured My Anxiety

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I recently cut out caffeine pretty significantly. I was a 3 cups of coffee per day kind of person and now I’m at about 4-5 cups per week total!

I knew the overconsumption of caffeine was negatively affecting me and my sleep, but I was honestly shocked at how significantly. By reducing my caffeine consumption by about 75%, my anxiety has practically disappeared.

I attribute it to the elevated heart rate that comes with a cup of coffee. Caffeine is a stimulant, that’s why you get all jittery after a good amount of it. Caffeine also has a half life of about 5 hours, meaning it stays in your system significantly longer than you’d think.

Whether due to the drop in anxiety or heart rate, my sleep has also significantly increased. I use the Oura Ring to track my sleep parameters, which historically plotted me with a score of anywhere from 65-75 on a scale out of 100. Last night, I hit an all time high of 86! I’m ecstatic, as this has been something I’ve struggled with for some time.

I’m not demonizing coffee, I honestly love it. It’s one of my favorite rituals. However, I think we as a society have a habit of overconsumption, honestly without even realizing it. I want to know, have you noticed any difference in your life from caffeine?

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