The First Step to a Body Transformation

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We’ve all heard the phrase before, “You have to crawl before you can run”

That phrase is true in the world of body transformations.. Following a step by step process from square one is critical to get to your goals.

In this scenario, the “run” is the hardcore training regimen every wants to jump right into. The, “I’m going to run 10 miles everyday, eat nothing but chicken breast and asparagus, and squat till I puke every workout” approach. This is futile, as this sort of approach is unrealistic and unsustainable. And, for you long term readers, as we’ve discussed before, where does this approach go next? How do you progress that? 11 miles a day?

Our “crawl” or proper starting point, is beginning the journey at a place of frequent, achievable movement and conscious eating habits. I’m talking as simple as a 20 minute walk every day and a food journal. This is how we find where we are on the map and begin to build the healthy habits which create, and more importantly, maintain a body transformation. This sets a foundation for long term adherence.

This is a big reason why 80% of people who lose 10% or more of their bodyweight gain it back PLUS some! You have to begin with habits you can maintain, they are your success. You are what your habits are.

Consistency is king, this is a long term game.

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