The First Change I Make To Everyone's Diet

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The First Change I Make To Everyone's Diet

We’re all constantly told to drink more water, but why?

For some of us, drinking an adequate amount of water comes naturally. For others, it feels like self-waterboarding just to hit 90 oz. every day. In 2004, the Institute of Medicine removed the classic 64 oz. per day recommendation and implemented a recommendation of 91 oz. per day for women (11.375 cups) and 125 oz. per day for men (15.625 cups). Let me explain to you why cutting out liquids with calories and upping water intake is the first change I make to a client’s diet. . .

Beverages with calories in them add up quicker than you might expect. 

Let’s do the math of an individual who drinks two coca-colas a day. One can of Coca-Cola has 140 calories. Two cans a day will bring us to 280 calories. Seven days in a week brings us to 1,960 calories (just 40 calories shy of an entire days worth of calories per the FDA)! 4 weeks in a month brings us to 7,840 calories. We can assume that one pound of fat is equated to 3,500 calories. . .

This means that we could save 2.24 lbs. of excess fat a month just by switching to water! For anyone still unconvinced switching to primarily water isn’t worth it, that all equates to 26.88 lbs. of excess fat a year!

That’s a huge progress marker for a simple step. Moral of the story, less bullshit, more water!

Key Points

  • Drink more water
  • 91 oz. /day for women
  • 125 oz. /day for men
  • One Coca-Cola has 140 calories
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