The Best Time of Year for Fat Loss

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Over the last four years of coaching, I’ve noticed that people make strides towards their goals from about April through the rest of the Spring. Like clockwork every year, Spring rolls around and suddenly fat loss happens a little bit easier… Here’s a few reasons why I think Spring is the best time of year for fat loss!

More Sun, More Vitamin D

When Spring finally hits, we are all fighting to get a little extra sun after the Fall and Winter. That extra sun can help us up our vitamin D levels, which affect the way our body handles carbohydrates!

More Movement, More Calories Burned

Along with that extra sunshine, comes walking the dog, chores around the yard, or a trip to the pool. Any and all extra movement increases our caloric burn, which makes it more likely for us to be in a catabolic, or “burning” state throughout the day.

Less Stress, More Relaxation

With Summer right around the corner, and kids getting out of school, stress levels for many individuals drop around this time of year. That, combined with having something to look forward to during the Summer, (a trip or even a staycation) can help us to stay out of our own heads riddled with anxiety and other stressors of modern life.

Personally, this is my favorite time of year to start dieting! It feels a bit more natural. The long, warm days make it easier to carve out time for extra movement or even meal preparation.

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