Setting Achievable Goals For 2021

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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I know I’m still on holiday, doing some damage control on my diet since Christmas Eve… ha. You all know the drill with New Year’s Resolutions that relate to your fitness.. Start strong, for a week if you’re lucky. Fallen off by the second or third week of January. 

It’s easy to be motivated on the first of the year. It’s hard to be disciplined. While there’s many facets to goal-setting, here’s a few things I’ve picked up over my last 4 years of coaching that helps keep people on target and disciplined, rather than motivated.

Making Goals Tangible

So crucial man, whatever your goal is, you need to be able to accurately measure it. If you set your goal as “lose weight” does that mean 5lbs or 50lbs? If your goal is to walk every day, does walking to the fridge count? Whenever you set your goal, it needs to be something you can honestly quantify.


Let’s say your goal is something big, like lose 100lbs. If you’re constantly thinking about that triple digit number, you’ll always feel like it’s so far away. Instead, focus on small checkpoints you can hit along the way. 2lbs a week adds up much quicker than you’d think. Small victories hold interest and keep motivation around, which makes discipline much more feasible.

Get Back On The Train, Every Damn Time

You’ll fall off. I promise, I don’t care who you are, you WILL fall off. But that’s not what matters, what matters is you get back on. Eat some cake? Fine. Accept it and get back on. Miss a workout? Fine. Accept it and get back on. It’s a common misconception that whoever you follow on instagram, or whatever external motivational speaker you buy into, are always on point. It’s a self-defeating prophecy, to just say, “Well I’m not doing it perfectly so why do it at all?” A B+ is always a better grade than a F. Get back on the damn train, stay on the path.

Key Points

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