Post-Holiday Eating Guilt..

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So, feeling that existential dread brought upon after weighing-in post turkey day?

While I don’t think overconsuming for sake of overconsuming is ever a healthy practice, there’s nothing wrong with cutting loose on holidays, or really any day for that matter. Sometimes, other things take value over your damn macros. This in absolutely no way excuses gluttonous behavior, however, it’s definitely not mentally healthy to curse yourself for having a slice or two of pumpkin pie. Moderation is something seldom practiced in our society. Believe it or not, there is a place on the spectrum between military discipline and eating like an absolute ass-hole.

Regardless, the good news is that unless you’re really trying to screw yourself up, you can’t and won’t derail yourself with one day of sub-par eating. Hell, majority of the time your scale will be right back on track within a few days assuming that you are too! 

There will be countless amounts of miscalculations, unforeseen circumstances, and moments in which the discipline just isn’t present in your journey of health and wellness and that’s totally fine. We all fall off the train, the name of the game is getting back on. No matter how you perceive whatever diet slip up or missed workout, in the grand scheme of things, what’s much more important is that you learn from it, adapt, and recommit yourself to your goals. 

Feeling lost or like a screw-up after bad eating is totally normal, hell, it happens to me all the time. What’s not acceptable though, is perceiving that “failure” as a reason to quit. Learn from it, plan for it, accept it doesn’t need to be perfect, and get right back on that train. 

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