Plateaued.. Now What?

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We’ve all found ourselves stagnant before. Strength not moving. Scale not adjusting. Progress miniscule or even possibly regressing. The question is, what do you do when you find yourself spinning the wheels but not getting anywhere?

While it’s not sexy, your next step is to re-evaluate. Take a step back, detach, and assess. I can’t express enough, this is something that needs to be done unemotionally. Don’t discredit any progress you’ve made, don’t beat up on yourself just because you’ve stalled out a bit. Take this re-evaluation as an opportunity to jumpstart your fitness journey and get the ball rolling again!

Here’s a few questions I ask myself and client’s if we’re in a position in which progress hasn’t been made how we’d like..

Are You Being Honest With Yourself?

  • Have you tracked everything you ate? Weighed and measured precisely?
  • How consistent have you been with your workouts? Are you cutting corners?
  • What’s your recovery like? Are you missing sleep? Overly stressed?

These are a few things that can help shed some light on your individual scenario. Usually, I’ve found people tend to slip on the accuracy of their food journal or have chosen to neglect sleep or ignore high levels of stress. These are crucial factors, be sure they’re where they need to be.

Assuming your answers to those questions are honest and accurate, and you don’t find your answer there, your next step could be a diet break..

Diet breaks tend to scare people, as they fear that as soon as calories are added back in, they’ll balloon up and be back to square one. This is far from the case, a few extra carbs might lead to some water held, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

A diet break can be as simple as adding in 200-500 calories to your daily intake, to give your body necessary fuel and nutrients to recover from the stress that can occur over a long period of dieting. When you diet, you’re in a caloric deficit, so your body is in a stressed state, as it’s using its own resource of fat tissue for energy.

By adding in those extra calories, even if for just a week or two, it can give your body time to function at maintenance and re-sensitize to being in a deficit.

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