One SMALL Habit Wrecking Your Progress

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Handful of chips here, a quick energy bar there, a soda in addition..

Snacking is a bad habit most of us have dealt with at some point or another. Whether a lack of discipline, attention to detail, or poor diet structure, this becomes a frequent occurrence for many of us.

While it’s easy to sit here and say, “Dial in your discipline!” and that is most definitely a factor, there’s other things you can do to assist yourself with this. That way, it becomes more a matter of planning, rather than an act of sheer willpower.

Plan Your Calories Out For The Day

By sitting down for 5-10 minutes first thing in the morning, you can actually budget yourself some snacks throughout the day. However much freedom you give yourself here depends on your current situation, but in most cases, it’s great for adherence to give yourself some wiggle room in food choices so long as calories and macronutrients equate.

Add In More Food Volume

By adding in extra foods that are lighter in calories, you can help increase satiation through the day. This can be done with things like kale, spinach, or most veggies. Or, simply opting for the low calorie option snacks, dressings, sauces, and things of that nature.

Evaluate Your Current Calories

Many times if you feel a true need to snack, it’s because your calories are simply too low. In some cases, this is necessary if dieting down to low body fat percentages. But, for most general population, there should be no major hunger throughout the day. If you find you’re experiencing this, respond to this email and let’s discuss your current approach!

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