My Preferred Form of Cardio

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My Preferred Form of Cardio

When it comes to fat loss, for whatever reason, people’s minds immediately go to cardio. I’m not sure where this idea started, but people tend to link these hardcore cardio sessions with “fat burning” That’s all fine and dandy, and it’s 100% true that cardio will burn calories, but intense cardio brings upon a huge byproduct that is commonly overlooked…


High intensity training brings about stress upon your systems. This isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re someone who is inherently stressed out with work, family life, other training modalities, etc. your cardio is probably doing more harm than good.  Stress inhibits fat loss. Ever ate next to nothing, worked your ass off, and still didn’t lose any weight? Stress is your answer. 

I use “cardio” as a stress management tool.. AKA, I walk Korra at a moderate pace while focusing on some deep breathing. I start every morning with it. This way, I get to start my day with movement and time with my dog, which really helps me to detach from the world and set the tone for a positive day.

I hope to change your mentality about fat loss. I hope to pull you from the idea of starvation, wasted efforts, and disappointment. Save your intensity for resistance training. Manage your stress however you see fit, DO NOT add to it.. This doesn’t mean don’t do cardio. If you like to push yourself cardiovascular to the limit, more power to you. But, be sure that you are paying close enough attention to your body’s systems and your recovery processes. This is the first step in earning your hardcore cardio.

Harder isn’t better. Smarter is better.

Key Points

  • Stress Inhibits Weight Loss
  • Use Cardio For Stress Management
  • Try Walking For Cardio
  • Harder Isn't better, smarter is
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