Keys To Successful Weight Loss

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Keys To Successful Weight Loss

Adherence and Patience

Whatever school of thought you choose when approaching your diet and training regimen, it only matters if you actually fulfill that regimen on a consistent basis. Time and time again, I’ve watched people “try” a different approach every couple of days, with a C- level of commitment to it. How can you know it worked if you’re half-assing it? How can you know it worked if you only gave it 3 days before deciding it wasn’t effective?


I’d have to say, one of my biggest pet peeves is listening to someone complain about the inability to transform their body without bringing intensity into their workouts.

“You go to the gym, you check the box, you come back and around, look in the mirror and don’t see anything. Well, because you haven’t pushed yourself for your body to have a reason to change! If I gave a valiant effort day in and day out and I saw no change, I’d probably quit too.” -Greg Plitt

Don’t get me wrong, harder isn’t always better. Smarter is better. But, if you have to check your phone in the middle of a leg press set or your instinct is to hit the elliptical for 15 minutes, it’s time to reevaluate.


The absolute easiest way to get lost in the loop of things, is moving without direction. You have to know where you want to go. When it comes to fat loss, the best course of action is to have a long term goal of what you would like to weigh or another tangible, measurable goal.. E.g. visual abs in your progress pictures or a waist circumference of “x”  

From here, I break it down into monthly increments. So set the goal, and work it backwards to find your checkpoints along the way. If you want to lose 50 lbs, find out what is realistic with your training and diet regimen and use that to break those increments down. If you give yourself 6 months to do it, call it 8⅓ lbs per month.

Some people, myself included, get a little anxiety from this. As the margin of error is present (given all the variables that go into a body transformation), so I give some wiggle room for things like this. However, it is critical to at least have something to shoot for. If you reach it early, great! If you fall short, no factor, reset and reevaluate.

Self Love and Support

Finally, without getting too sappy here, you’ve got to be in your own corner.. It breaks my heart to hear people beat up on themselves for falling short in a workout or on a diet. Keep in mind, the words you say manifest themselves into reality. “I’m working on becoming a better me” is an infinitely more beneficial statement than something along the lines of “I’ll never lose the weight” or “I just can’t X.”

Whatever you’re striving for, don’t give in. Keep your head up, keep moving, enjoy the process and express gratitude for the emotional, mental, spiritual, and mental growth that comes with a body transformation.

Key Points

  • Goal Setting
  • Self Love & Support
  • Intensity
  • Adherence & Patience
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