Keto Is Great.. BUT...

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Keto is one of the hottest topics in the fitness industry right now, and rightfully so! Many individuals, some of my clients included, have seen great results on keto.

However, I don’t recommend it for everyone..

My biggest issue with keto is that for most individuals, it’s just not sustainable, doesn’t address caloric balance, and can easily lead to a rebound. For anyone unfamiliar, keto is a dieting approach in which the individual removes carbohydrate from their diet in an attempt to enter a state referred to as, “ketosis” which simply means to enter a fat-burning mode.

This is all fine and dandy.. BUT..

Fat Loss is Determined by Caloric Balance

At the end of the day, you need to be consuming less calories than you burn per day to be losing fat. With the keto approach, you can totally cut out carbohydrates, but STILL be in a caloric surplus, disabling you from losing body fat.

The Rebound Can Be Disastrous 

After cutting out a major food group like carbohydrate for so long, adding it back in can be quite a hassle. With so many foods being carbohydrates, you can easily overload and overwhelm yourself, causing a gnarly rebound. I’ve seen individuals end up heavier than they started after only a few weeks being off of keto.

As with most things in the fitness realm, there is no real white or black answer here. If you’re someone who’s had success with keto, more power to you! But, if you are someone who hasn’t tried it, it might not be the magic bullet that it’s portrayed as.

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