Is Joint Pain During Exercise Normal..?

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Aches and pains, we all have them. Whether a decade old injury that never quite stopped talking, or some slight tendinitis in the knees, we’ve all experienced the wrong kind of pain during exercise. The question is, is this normal? Should you push through or rest and recover? Will it ever feel “normal” again?

The answer is… It depends! First of all, I, and no one else over the Internet, are capable of diagnosing or prescribing a rehab protocol. That’s strictly for medical professionals like physical therapists, people who’ve spent the majority of their lives dedicated to injury understanding/prevention/rehabilitation.

However, I found that many things that feel like slight tweaks, aches, or something that can be classified as an “itis” (which just means inflammation), requires only a few steps to being on the track of healthy again!

Check your exercise selection.

If something hurts on every single rep, no matter how you do it, it’s time to stop. Realize that not every exercise is made for every person. We all have different bodies, structures, and capabilities.

Improve your stability at your shoulder, spine, hips, and ankles!

Many times, when we ask our bodies to go through movement patterns without being capable of stabilizing in those patterns, injury/inflammation can result!

Don’t be afraid to take a step back in order to take two steps forward.

Try pulling the weight back and focusing on contractions, try a different exercise and a similar movement pattern. Once you feel you’re ready to go, start taking baby steps forward again by adding resistance, time under tension, or challenging different movement patterns.

As always, this is not medical advice, just a few things I’ve noticed over my last four years of training all kinds of individuals ranging from high-level performers to those who are just starting out their health and wellness journey.

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