How Long Until Your Summer Body?

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It’s no secret that many of us procrastinate on the things that we know to be challenging or the things that we know need to be done. For whatever reason, we like to push things off to the last second.

This time of year, everyone starts thinking about summer, and for most, how they plan to look at the beach! 

For many individuals, this feeling can lead to some anxiety and stress. I know most of my life I had dreaded anytime my shirt would be off in public.. Will I be confident in the way I look? Do I have enough time to reach my goals before I hit the beach? Should I even bother?

Usually, when this anxiety and stress comes along, we think we need to make drastic changes. We try ridiculous diets, unrealistic workout programs, and cross our fingers, hoping our “Hail Mary” approach works. My point in all of this is to give yourself more time than you think you need. Want to be beach ready in four weeks? Diet for six. Ready in eight weeks? Plan for 10 or 12.

The more time we give ourselves, the more we can adjust as needed, and the less immediate drastic changes need to be made to reach our goals. Losing a pound per week is much simpler and much more realistic than losing three pounds per week. Chances are, if you have a summer vacation coming up, now would be a great time to get ahead on your goals! Now is your opportunity to start taking steps in the right direction and save yourself the hassle and stress later on!

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