Conscious Effort

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Pay attention.

Attention to the things you consume, the movement you perform, and the tools you give your body to recover. One of the worst things you could do on your fitness journey is lose consciousness. Auto-pilot is stagnation, stagnation is missed opportunity. Missed opportunity compounded over time is deadly, or at the very least, demotivating.

Speaking from experience here, in myself and my clients, as soon as you lose something to strive for like a goal or a targeted direction, you lose conscious effort. Losing that level of awareness in your health and awareness journey will inhibit your ability and desire to move forward. When I say conscious effort, I’m simply speaking of documenting progress and a refusal to cut yourself short.

When you document things like weigh-ins, food journals, workouts, step-counts, etc., you have a clear understanding of where you are in your health journey. You make obvious things you need to change, you tell yourself the truth. Sometimes, it hurts. But, regardless of if you like what’s written on your food journal or the amount of reps completed, it opens your eyes to the truth of the matter.

Too many times I hear people say, “I eat healthy and I’m pretty active, but I just can’t seem to make any progress.” What does that mean? How do you quantify that? If you aren’t quantifying anything, how can you even know your progressing or not? This is why the majority of my client’s journeys start relatively simple.. Keep a food journal and maintain a minimum step count.

This does two things..

1. Makes you conscious of where your eating habits are in relation to your health journey.

2. Makes you conscious of where your movement habits are in relation to your health journey.

Seven days a week, having a clear and concise understanding of where you land essentially clears the fog. If you have a heavy weigh-in, check into your food journal to see if that explains it. Check your step count or workout log to see if that explains it. You don’t have to be hyper type-A about it, even just a few variables like weigh-ins and food journals can be a phenomenal foundation of health consciousness.

If you don’t know where you are, you won’t know where to go.

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