Burpees? ...Nah.

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We all know them and have done them at one point or another. The dreaded burpee. Who even came up with that name? Matter of fact, who even came up with that exercise?! Burpee. Sounds a whole lot more enjoyable than it actually is. All jokes aside, I give credit to anyone willing to move and trying to challenge or change their body. That being said, there’s a whole lot of positive intentions behind burpees, but there’s a lot of wasted time, effort, and energy too. 

For those unfamiliar, a burpee is an exercise in which you start standing, jump down into a push-up, and then jump squat up. Sometimes there’s an added movement or modality. They’re typically used to elevate the heart rate for some sort of cardio effect.

My biggest issue with burpees is when the general population, average Joe or Jane, decides they’re going to give them a shot. High impact, “full-body” and an injury waiting to happen.

Why ask your joints, tendons, and ligaments to handle all of that repetitive, uncontrolled impact? If you’re looking to elevate your heart rate, there are a plethora of other more efficient and significantly safer options such as a spin bike, Stairmaster, or even high rep sets on a controlled exercise such as a squat or leg press.

Ballistic movement is unnecessary to get towards your goals unless you’re some sort of athlete. In which case, that ballistic movement should be sport-specific. A burpee is, for lack of a better term, flailing. 

If you like burpees, more power to ya! This is just my opinion. Disregard this email. Keep on keeping on. Again, I commend you for moving! But, if you’re someone concerned with longevity, joint, tendon, and ligament health, pick something else that doesn't involve high impact.

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