Biggest Muscle Building Mistake!

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Let’s cut to the chase here. To build lean tissue, you have to abide by the rule of progressive overload.

To simplify, progressive overload means to challenge a muscle a bit more every session. That can be done in the form of more reps, more load, better technique, slower tempo, the options are truthfully endless.

One of the biggest muscle building mistakes out there is ignoring this rule.

Personally, I always start with maximizing technique. Ensuring you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. 

From there, the progression you choose is going to depend heavily on your goals. For most individuals concerned with building lean tissue, your best bet is to continue to add reps and weight as you can. 

Thinking that you can do the same exact routine, the same load, the same reps, over and over and see a different outcome. That’s literally the definition of insanity! Keep on doing the same things and keep on missing out on progress.

Choose progress! Choose to push harder session by session.

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