3 Steps To Avoid Blowing Your Diet While Traveling

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While writing today’s Monday Email, I’m sitting in the Charlotte airport after visiting my parents for the weekend! With the Summer being right around the corner and things continuing to open back up, travel will commence for many of you! That being said, here’s a few steps to avoid blowing your diet while being away from home!

Set Realistic Expectations

You might not be an A+. You might be a B- or even a C. But, either of those grades beat a 0! This might not be the perfect time or opportunity to make a significant amount of progress, being out of your element and routine. However, you can still make smart choices on vacation! Choose a light beer, pass on the fries, take a morning walk. Small choices add up in the long run.

Hit The Grocery Store IMMEDIATELY

Especially if you find yourself in an Airbnb or a scenario in which you can cook your meals, there’s no reason to not make a quick stop at a Kroger or Whole Foods to stock up for the week! If you tell yourself you’ll do it later or tomorrow, chances are, you won’t.

Budget Your Calories Wisely

It’s breakfast time, and man, those pancakes and French toast would taste GREAT! But, you know there’s big dinner plans tonight.. I’d say, take the eggs and fruit for breakfast and save the calories for the steak dinner! It’s always a good idea to plan ahead and try to keep it lighter through the day if you’re planning a big dinner or night of drinking. Play your cards right!

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