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Even with the hardest work ethic in the gym, you will lose results if you are not executing each exercise properly.

It's a fact - - gym goers who exercise properly will always get more results from their workouts then those who don't. At Progress Through Change, you'll learn exactly how to exercise properly by watching exercise execution videos taught by an expert.

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Smith Machine Workout

It's Time To Get More Results From Your Workouts

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Hot Coffee


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How can you ensure that you're training and eating correctly? Watch videos and be taught by experts.

With your membership, you'll learn exactly how you need to train, the foods you need to eat, and the lifestyle you need to adopt to achieve your fitness goals.

50+ on demand videos with practical advice for your training and nutrition

You will learn exactly what you need to do to properly execute many exersies

You will learn exactly what you need to eat and other diet principles to achieve your goal

Start feeling confident in the gym and at the kitchen table!

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Frequently Asked Questions

is this membership a mobile app?

The PTC Archive is not a separate mobile app, it extends and adds functionality, content, and features to our mobile-friendly website. However, you can use the website like an app by saving it to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet. Here's how to do this on your Apple (IOS) and Android device.

Do you ONLY teach exercise execution?

We also teach videos on Nutrition and Wellness! Although our main focus is on Exercise Execution. Our goal with The PTC Archive is to give you access to any and all information required to achieve your own body transformation.

Is this membership a subscription?

We wanted to make PTC Exercise Execution as simple as possible so we offer one monthly subscription plan with a free 3-day trial to make sure it's helpful to you before commiting.

Do you ONLY teach exercise execution?

Great question! The reason why we created The PTC Archive is so that you don't have to sift through hundreds of videos with over complicated strategies to accomplish a simple fitness goal.

Instead of wasting your time and probably getting the wrong advice from a "fitness guru" with no credentials, we provide our members with teachings grounded in science and results.

Are sick of hearing too many things you have to do in order to accomplish a simple goal like fat loss, muscle gaining, body toning, or just incorporating fitness into your life? If so, The PTC Archive will give you a reliable and simple plan to accomplish your goal. Click the button below to sign up for your free trial.

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Client Testimonials

Christopher Saldana Transformation

"Alex changed my life. I might've been dead by now from being extremely overweight. But instead, I'm over 175lbs down, I feel amazing, and I've become a better, happier, more ambitious version of myself. Thank you, Alex."

Christopher Saldana

Lost Over 175 Pounds & Reversed Diabetes

"We take our kids on more adventures and have learned what a healthy lifestyle looks like. We failed miserably in 2020 because life hit us hard. We are regaining momentum this year and loving knowing what to do and how to manage. Thanks, Alex!"

Kelli Pritchard

Lost over 40 pounds
Eric Steplitus Transformation

"We immediately started seeing results. Your plan worked from the outset, and we got to our goal weight 7 weeks ahead of schedule. That was quite mind-blowing."

Eric Steplitus

Losing Fat While Gaining Definition
Troy Transformation

"My insecurities have lessened a large amount because I've also never been happier about how I look. I can now look at myself and go… "Wow, you're attractive, you're actually doing something to fix what you hate.".


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