Meet Troy

I've had the pleasure of working with Troy for a long time and it's been such a blast to watch this young kid grow into a man. Stronger by the session, always chasing an extra rep. Troy's consistency and effort in the gym has been a staple in becoming who he is today. I'm proud of you, man!

Here's what
had to say:

I didn't like how I viewed myself

"The problem I was having was the insecurities I've developed over my lifetime. I've always been too skinny, never a "jock" that could get girls, and I was hating myself because I couldn't change my body in the slightest to fix my issues."

Nothing was working

"I was so frustrated, waking up at 5 AM every other day, going to the gym, lifting weights, and then seeing no progress at all. It was just tormenting, going day after day with no change."

Alex made a plan to execute

"Alex understood the issues I was going through, and he worked hard to find a course of action to fix what I had a problem with."

My muscles started growing!

"This may sound stupid, but I first noticed muscle growth when I was running down the stairs. I had felt my chest bouncing up and down as I went down the stairs. I had no muscle or mass in any way prior, and at that point, I knew I finally had developed a change."

I feel better about myself now

"I'm a lot more open with my body and who I am. Able to have confidence in a way I didn't beforehand. I'm still not perfect, but I am working on being the best me physically now. I can't remember a time where I have been happy with my body, I've always been insecure and honestly, I still am. The difference is though, my insecurities have lessened a large amount because I've also never been happier about how I look. I can now look at myself and go… "Wow, you're attractive, you're actually doing something to fix what you hate.". Alex has done a lot for me as a personal trainer. Not only has he made me physically stronger and better looking, but while he trains you, he emotionally and mentally helps you as a therapist. A 2-for-1 deal in my opinion. I look amazing… I'm almost perfect and he's gonna get me to what I want. I truly believe that."

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