Meet Steve Duffy, M.D.

Man, Steve is definitely one of the hardest workers I've ever seen in the gym! Extremely coachable and always focused, he brings his A-Game to every session, always ready for the next challenge. Working with Steve reminds me what true effort looks like in the gym!

Here's what
had to say:

I hit a wall with my goals

"Burnout. Could not get motivated. Same exercises for the last several years with little to no progress seen."

Self doubt started to creep in

"Spinning my wheels. Why am I going to the gym if I don't see progress?"

Alex enlightened me and made achieving goals simple

"You turned my understanding of weight lifting on its head. With 30+ years of experience lifting weights, I had never before isolated muscle groups so well and been able to achieve complete muscle exhaustion in this way. I feel safe performing these exercises because we aren't using super heavyweights and yet the rate of change in my body is honestly hard to believe."

"The most appealing part is the simplicity of it all. I think because you have such a thorough understanding of biomechanics you can get every ounce of benefit out of each movement, there is no wasted effort."

Working out has never been better

"Honestly after the first workout. I had never lifted weights in this manner before. The next day I had this wonderful, almost pleasant soreness. It felt like what a runner's high must be like, I have never had that, but it lasted all day."

"With this feeling of well-being, serenity, and having succeeded at a very hard workout without damaging myself I knew I had found my ideal trainer."

Wow, this feels great

"My wife and coworkers are regularly remarking on how different I look. That feels good. More importantly, I feel good about myself and my progress. The work being put in is translating directly into progress in my appearance and sense of well being."

"In retrospect it feels like I was spinning my wheels before this, now I am seeing a direct correlation between effort expended and the effects on my body. I'm excited to see where we will be at the 1-year mark."

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Hi, I'm Alex, the founder of PTC. Hope you found this video helpful. If you need a coach for your goals, let's talk!

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