Meet Kelli

Working with Kelli showed me that there really is no excuse! Being a mother of three, she knew she had to make a change and set an example for her kids on how to live a healthy life. She did just that, losing over 40 lbs!

Here's what
had to say:

Before working with Alex

"I was an unhealthy and overweight mother of three."

It was a challenge achieving my goals

"It was a constant challenge of weight fluctuation and I am not good at holding myself accountable." 

Alex put me on the right track

"Alex kept me accountable, checked in with me, and made sure I was doing what I should." 

The weight loss was amazing

"After losing over 40lbs Alex kept pushing me to be better. He made sure I was safely lifting and gaining strength daily." 

It's not just fitness, my life has changed

"We take our kids on more adventures and have learned what a healthy lifestyle looks like. We failed miserably in 2020 because life hit us hard. We are regaining momentum this year and loving knowing what to do and how to manage. Thanks, Alex!"

alex chris martin

Hi, I'm Alex, the founder of PTC. Hope you found this video helpful. If you need a coach for your goals, let's talk!

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