Meet Eric

The guy! Eric's love for weight-lifting really showed, his update emails often included extra workouts he'd done on his own. This passion shined and fueled his incredible progress, week by week he was bringing his best to the table. His consistency, communication with me, and adherence to our plan ensured his success!

Here's what
had to say:

It never felt realistic to me

"I always struggled to gain any type of weight or mass. The muscle was just really hard to come by and progress felt like a pipe dream."

Feeling this way was difficult

"Feeling like there was a finish line I couldn’t cross or a mountain I could climb was difficult to deal with. I felt like I was putting forth the effort to get the results, but was left feeling incredibly defeated when nothing the same as said effort."

Working with Alex was so easy

"I certainly noticed how detail-oriented you were and always made yourself accessible. No was question was too ridiculous and you’ve never once come across as holier than thou."

"There’s an art in handling yourself when people come to you in very vulnerable states; an art you do very well in."

The results were amazing!

"We immediately started seeing results. Your plan worked from the outset, and we got to our goal weight 7 weeks ahead of schedule. That was quite mind-blowing."

This is more than just reaching goals. . .

"Above everything else, what achieving this goal has done for my mentality has been arguably more profound than any physical changes. The insecurities of being thin are gone. There’s confidence in what I’m doing. There’s a sense of achievement that is addicting."

"It’s a permanent lifestyle change. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m well on my way, and the progress I have made is something I never thought was achievable. I’m on my way to gaining 40 pounds since we started working together!"

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Hi, I'm Alex, the founder of PTC. Hope you found this video helpful. If you need a coach for your goals, let's talk!

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