Meet Chris Saldana

Chris is hands down, one of the hardest working guys I know. He approaches everything he does with 100% effort and that has made him a blast to work with. I consider him to be one of my closest friends. I strive to be like Chris, I've enjoyed watching him transform his body and mindset, he's changed his course in life.

Here's what
Chris Saldana
had to say:

"I'm lucky that I didn't die"

"Before Alex helped me execute my weight-loss journey (you’ll find out, this was about much more than weight loss), I was in a horrible state. I didn’t realize it until I was able to separate myself from powerlifting and look at myself in the mirror and ask those hard questions that I’ve been ignoring. I was 360 lbs (got up to 400lbs from 180lbs in 2 years. . .yeah), and miserable."

"I had to have my nanna put on my socks for me because I was too fat to do it myself, I had gotten up to a 6xl shirt size, and I would sweat walking down the block when it was 30 degrees outside." 

Picture of me and Alex

"I felt horrible about myself"

"All those physical things were bad, yes, but the feelings I had were way worse. Even though they weren’t tangible, they hurt way more. I felt lost, pathetic, unconfident, inferior, unsure of my life and my future, I had horrible anxiety issues. . . I really just hated myself (I remember so many nights trying to sleep, but my heart rate was over 120 bpm. . . TRYING TO SLEEP!"

"I believed I was going to die of a heart attack. . . and at the time I was okay with that.)"

Then Alex came into my journey

"Alex is different than most people I’ve met. This isn’t just with his coaching, but as a person, he has a genuine love for people. You can see it in his eyes and body language, he wants to help. At first, I had my guard up (just because I was insecure) but over time, he became one of my closest best friends."

"In regards to his coaching, he is a practical genius when it comes to strategy and execution. Every time he would give me advice in the beginning, I would question it, then do it, and be amazed at how well it works. Now I don’t even question him, I just do it, and it still works, every time."

Simple changes lead to losing over 110 lbs

"I remember when it started working like yesterday. It’s funny, it puts a smile on my face just thinking about it. It started off simple. He told me to just take walks every day (in the beginning I could only walk to the end of the block), track my food (but make no changes), and sleep 8 hours. Looking back on it, I see the strategy."

"The walks were so I can become more active everyday, simple math, calories in v calories out (by the time I knew it, I went from two 5 min. Walks a day, to over 2hours total in walking a day). But the walks also helped me with introspection, which is the most important thing I got from those walks. I was forced to face my truth every morning and every night. With this introspection, I was able to make decisions that made my overall well-being shoot up exponentially."

"Tracking my food was the next simple thing he had me do, and I didn’t have to even change my diet, just track it, easy enough. . . well after only a few days, seeing what I was eating and being conscious of it helped me make good food habits. I instantly lowered my calories (because I found out I was just overeating), stopped eating sugars, and decreased the consumption of high-calorie foods (which gave me an insane energy boost because my body was no longer processing food all day!)."

"The last simple thing he asked for me to do was just make sure I slept 8 hours a day. This was the game-changer, seriously. I started doing this and my weight started shedding off, I stopped feeling confused and anxious about the day, my energy levels skyrocketed, and I just felt amazing!"

Me and my beautiful little sis

I've become a new man

"Fast forward 2 ½ months after working with Alex, I lost over 110 lbs., I feel absolutely amazing, and I have transcended my past life. I don’t know how else to say it. I have forgiven myself, learned how to love myself, and now have a clear theme in my life: To take as many steps forward every day to ensure a better life for my family."

"Without Alex’s help. . . I might’ve been dead by now. Seriously. I am beyond thankful for Alex’s influence in my life, I want to repay him for giving me my life back, and am doing that with his PTC brand. I know he will achieve great things and now I know that I will too."

"Alex changed my life. I might've been dead by now from being extremely overweight. But instead, I'm over 150lbs down, I feel amazing, and I've become a better, happier, more ambitious version of myself. Thank you, Alex."

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Hi, I'm Alex, the founder of PTC. Hope you found this video helpful. If you need a coach for your goals, let's talk!

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