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Caden is great. We just started working together earlier this year and the progress we're seeing is already amazing! He's a hardworking kid that makes things happen!

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Caden Kays
had to say:

The problem I had before I started having Alex coach me, was simply just not having the knowledge to do the things to transform my body, my physique. I was able to figure out how to lose weight on my own (70 lbs down in a year) but that was just doing cardio  and eating about 1,000 calories a day (which got very old). I wanted to build muscle, and really get serious about changing my physique. But I had no clue where to start, which is where Alex came in, to help guide me on what to eat and what exercises to take on in the gym. I’ve learned so much knowledge through Alex In the past year I’ve had him coach me.

Before I started to train with Alex, I lost 70 lbs, but I was still skinny fat, which was very frustrating considering all the effort and determination I put in. When I started training with Alex, I went from a large T Shirt to a medium T shirt within the first month, and my physique started to change. I learned that doing cardio isn’t as important as I had thought it was for fat loss, but that strength training was very important in so many aspects, and that I could afford to eat more which made it so much easier than just 1,000 calories a day.  

I’ve had trainers in the past that I trained with at the gym, but never a coach that watches what I eat and has me weigh in like Alex. Alex sees everything that I do, he sees what I eat, what I weight every morning, and he gives me the exercises to do every single week with a update on Friday every week. Alex gives me everything I need every single week, and it pushes me to perform knowing that I have him there.  I wouldn’t want any other coach than Alex!

I’d say the moment I realized that Alex’s coaching was working was by going down a shirt size within the first month of training with Alex, I had been trying so hard to lose body fat and Alex got me going in the right direction right off the bat. This was very motivating and I’m very proud of the progress I have made.

I love living this healthy lifestyle, I’ve never felt any better eating clean every week. I’m wearing outfits that I would’ve never thought of wearing two years ago.

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