Meet Antonio

Antionio Is a pleasure to work with and never disappoints with the effort he puts into his nutrition and workouts. He's a real champ!

Here's what
Antonio Martel
had to say:

"I knew basic workouts and routines, but wasn’t familiar with how to progress/increase load and rep ranges effectively. Also personally I was having issues with my self image/confidence.
I’ve always had trouble making a “plan”, or putting my goals on paper if you will.

Everything is mapped out/explained thoroughly.  Alex consistently checks in with me and is open to any and all feedback I have.

I realized Alex’s coaching was changing my mindset on trying out new things in the gym. Before, there were things I had previously never thought I’d be able to do, like pull ups or deadlifts. With training through Alex’s coaching I realized those things were more than possible, they just needed to be worked to first!

Now I have way more confidence in my self image and working out in a gym environment. I go into workouts ready to move, instead of seeing it as a chore to get done."

alex chris martin

Hi, I'm Alex, the founder of PTC. Hope you found this video helpful. If you need a coach for your goals, let's talk!

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